Bias in AI

After a number of what are referred to as ‘revolutions’ in the way society reacts to changing technologies we find ourselves on the precipice, if not already tumbling down, the hole that is AI.

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What is Digital transformation?

You’ll have heard the term digital transformation many times, I’m sure. But what does it mean?

Let’s go back in time to explain the four recognised transformations society has undergone in recent history.

If you understand them individually it’ll help to explain what we’re experiencing now, and what you can do to both lead and learn from the rapid change society is experiencing.

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Creating a content strategy in a fast-moving world

Everything, everywhere, we are bombarded with messaging, advertising, information and warnings.

These communications come in a host of different forms: audible; moving and still images; interactions; systems to adhere to. Established comms channels have specific and well-known alerts to get us to look outside our own little world; your mobile has ring tones for voice, another tone for text. Images flash and capture your attention using a full range of hooks that appeal to your basic instincts.

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