2econd Friday

2econd Friday - Where Next?

2econd Friday is Peter and Zoe’s four-year journey up and down Las Vegas Strip, here and there Downtown, and even beyond.  They have a list of 48 destinations, one for each month of those four years.  Well, actually, it’s currently only 47, as they’re hoping one generous hotel-owner might invite them to stay somewhere real swell for the final stay (in March, 2021).

Each month, Peter and Zoe take it turn about to decide where to stay.  The next month should have some sort of connection with the previous month, be it geographical, chronological, or some extreme vague-ery Zoe might come up with.  The non-picker is invited, along with the rest of the world, to try to figure out the next destination, and what the connection to the previous destination is.

Here’s the current league standings, for Year 2:

Players can guess as many times as they like, for the Destination.  Once they get the Destination, one attempt at guessing the Connection is allowed.  Up to 10 Destination Points can be won (with the correct destination being a 10).  Remainder Points are awarded if the Destination was correctly guessed, based on how many attempts it took to find the Destination.  And the big one is Connection Points.  Up to 100 Connection Points are awarded, based on how correct the player’s Connection guess is.  Occasionally, Head Points are offered, for players coming up with the answer in their head (ie. without the help of The Internet, or other such informational source).

Here's the list of current remaining Destinations:


Caesars Palace
Casino Royale
The Cromwell
El Cortez
Four Seasons at Mandalay Bay
Golden Gate
Golden Nugget
Hard Rock
Jockey Club
The Linq
Main Street Station
New York-New York
Planet Hollywood
Polo Towers
The Rio
Treasure Island

And here's a diagram with a decent number of the destinations on it, which might help with your pondering.  Oh, dear, it's pretty darned old; it even pre-dates City Center:

Year 1 ended with a very close tussle between Ian and Kim.  Kim had led for several months, but seemed to let the pressure get the better of her, in Month 11.  The final standings for Year 1 were as follows:

Ian's prize for Year 1 victory was, he got to make the choice for Month 14, and he and a person of his choice got to attend that month's 2econd Friday as Guests of Honour.