Zoë led the team that created the UK’s first AI driven health virtual assistant. Her passion is digital transformation, voice enablement and implementing effective AI strategies. She has spoken at many conferences including IBMThink about her AI work.

She is currently developing easy-to-adopt artificial/augmented intelligence strategies for organizations who want to be ahead of the AI adoption curve.

She is a digital creative with extensive experience of putting person-centered design at the heart of an innovation-driven approach to publishing and product development.


  • Person-centered design and user experience.
  • AI / Cognitive business transformation.
  • IBM Watson AI/Cognitive (Chatbots).
  • Information architecture and Content management.
  • Full Stack producer/thinker / Product Director.
  • Project management, Waterfall/Agile/Lean/MVP.

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Professional Development 2019

MITx The Analytics Edge 2019

AmnestyInternationalX  Digital Security and Human Rights 2019

DelftX Mind of the Universe - Robots in Society: Blessing or Curse? 2019