I led the team at Arthritis Research UK that created the UK’s first AI driven health virtual assistant. My passion is digital transformation, voice channel enablement and implementing effective AI strategies. I have spoken at many conferences including IBMThink about my AI work.

I am a digital creative with extensive experience of putting person-centered design at the heart of an innovation-driven approach to publishing and product development.


  • Person-centered design and user experience.
  • AI / Cognitive business transformation.
  • IBM Watson AI/Cognitive (Chatbots).
  • Information architecture and Content management.
  • Full Stack producer/thinker / Product Director.
  • Project management, Waterfall/Agile/Lean/MVP.

Professional Development 2019

MITx The Analytics Edge 2019

AmnestyInternationalX  Digital Security and Human Rights 2019

DelftX Mind of the Universe - Robots in Society: Blessing or Curse? 2019