Highbrow meets Lowbrow. High quality beautiful Art-Wear showcasing Zoë’s ‘Lowbrow’ art, and fabric design. Art-wear that is edgy, distinctive, designed to stand out, and be the ultimate style statement. And a great feature is, it's inspired by, and made in Nevada, USA.
We take you through from order to delivery, it is simple, but we are not going to tell you it is quick. It can take up to six weeks to get your garment made and delivered, it is slow fashion, made-to-order and made just for you.
Slow fashion is about only making things that have been ordered, only making what we know you want. We will not make clothes unless you want to buy them. We will never bulk-buy stock and will also not destroy stock. Yes, you will have to wait but it will be worth it, and it will be unique to you.
Our brand is our purpose, it's a promise kept. Our brand is what holds us together, and brings cohesion. It is what guides our decision making, our impact on the planet, and how we live equitably and respectfully with what we create.
All Zoë Camper LLC garments are made in Henderson, Southern Nevada, by Zoë. The longer term goal is to involve local talented makers, and local clothes making companies, to enable them to grow their businesses. The key is creating a sustainable business that will, in time, provide opportunity for others.
Some of our art-wear and art prints are produced in limited numbers, or runs. Each limited-edition piece will have its own unique identification code, and will never be printed to the same specification again beyond the number stated in the edition or run.