Slonina Zoe Camper PortraitSlonina ARTSpace guest wall artist Zoë Camper will be showing six new artworks. It will be a party atmosphere with art, music, food, and drinks. The exhibiton will run from 1st March - 31st March, opening Wednesday to Saturday Noon - 6pm.

For more information contact 702 690 6872.

Gallery: 901 East Fremont St.174, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Parking: There is a huge parking lot in front of the gallery -  Llama Lot on 9th and E Fremont St.

About Zoë Camper

I am a practicing artist, founder, and CEO Zoë Camper LLC – my art and art-wear/tech company. I Co-Founded the Augmented Society Network, and am an Elected Fellow of The RSA (Royal Society of Arts). I am a London native, but I live in Fabulous Las Vegas.

Everything starts with an idea, a story, and my pencils (my favorite medium).  My work falls into different styles and categories including fantastical landscapes, portraiture, and conceptual works. I have worked with AI, Cryptography, and secret or disguised ways of storytelling, as sources of inspiration. I am inspired by built environments, fantasy, and simply experimenting with different types of structural elements. I love playing with what is real, what is made-up, or partially obscured, and combining that with stories, people, characters, and technology.

I also use cryptography to track and manage provenance of my artworks as it’s essential that buyers have confidence in its authenticity.  

I taught, for many years, at the BBC Academy, and hold a Post Graduate Cert of Education in Design Technology as well as Hons Degree in 3D Design.

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Last night’s ASN event ‘Creativity Offers Us A New Formula For Life’, was a phenomenal success, even with the threat of a storm. The celebration of creativity, hosted on the steps and in the coffee shop at RSA House London, was buzzing with conversations and people making new connections. Creativity was again center stage and the contributors work really spotlighted the need for it in everyone’s lives. The event was also well attended online, in Cyberia, and the three VR galleries. 

  “Congratulations on an amazing and magnificent exhibition! I can't imagine how much work and love went into creating something so exciting and vital, but it was so worth it for your visitors! I felt a bit strange among all these talented artists, but thank you so much for inviting me to join in. I think if I'd known how ambitious and far-reaching your project actually was, I'd have bowed out. But I'm so glad I didn't. – Anne Waldon 

 “The exhibition opening was a beautiful and insightful dive into how art and technology can intertwine to expand on how we understand what it means to be creative. Julie and Zoe were excellent hosts and have wonderfully curated some divine pieces from all over the world. Looking around the RSA felt special and presented a unique experience into exploring culture.” – Sophie Lavender 

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in the project and last night’s fabulous event. Thank you to all our amazing contributors, your commitment to your practice, as showcased in the exhibition, is inspirational. Without your commitment there would have been no exhibition. 

Thank you to Caron Lyon for her incredible patience and technical expertise. Eve Pascoe for her support and sponsorship, and Ben Greenaway for his VR demonstrations. We would like to personally thank the following RSA Team - Claire Byrne, Hannah De Rozario, Jessica Hyett, and Celia Barron, and the technical staff, Duncan Greenway and Gareth Allen, and the wonderful catering team. 

The IRL exhibition runs until the 15th December at RSA House London, and continues in the VR galleries until then end of January 2024. 

For information and access to the VR galleries visit: Exhibition Information 

Zoë Camper FRSA and Julie Samuels FRSA (Exhibition Curators and ASN Network Leads

Contact Zoe Camper LLC +1 (702) 690 6872 for more information.

Taking the team to Collision Conference Toronto 2023 was amazing. Why were we there? you may ask. We went to showcase our artwork tracking system. If you have a Zoë Camper Limited Edition print, Original Artwork, or piece of Art-Wear you will have seen the text block embedded into either the paper or the fabric.

The block is unique to that item or limited run of that item. We use the code to track sales and ownership information. It's a private system that requires an owner's permission to provide a buyer with data that proves the item is genuine.

When you buy a Zoë Camper piece, you know it's a Zoë Camper piece!

Well, the response was amazing, our booth was busy all day, and we talked to so many attendees, potential partners, and investors. We were on stage with our showcase, and were picked to represent Alpha Startups on Center Stage. We are now moving to the next stage which includes smoothing out the 'customer experience', working to improve how the code is embedded, and making it even easier to check provenance.

We are also growing the team and have taken on a fractional CMO to help tell our story, and new developer to help with tthe platform.

I cannot tell you how exciting that is, I love tech, but I love art more :^)

Zoe Camper LLC Collision 2023 Booth

Some of the successes we had at Collision.

We had an amazing response to our crypto provenance tool

We made fantastic connections to help us progress our business

We won a place on the Showcase Stage

We were picked to represent Alpha Startups on Center Stage

Our ‘40 Words’ Video was shown in the venue on a large screen

And we all had the best time ever talking and making connections.

Viva Collision! Stay in touch and we will keep you updated.

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 Contact Zoe Camper LLC +1 (702) 690 6872 for more information.

5x6 satin bannerI am taking part in Creativity Offers Us A New Formula For Life - a project to bring more creativity into peoples lives.  I am drawing 14 portraits (11" x 7.5") that will become a 5' x 6' satin banner for an event, and exhibition in London at the end of 2023.

If you would like to be one of those portraits, simply email a head-and-shoulders close-up photograph of yourself to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., asap. I already have 6 wonderful people signed up - Daniela, Monica, Dejah, James, JD, and Steve, I only need 8 more to complete this banner.

You will recieve a high-quality digital file of your portrait for free.  You can buy the original portrait ($100+Tax), if you want to, but there's no pressure. You will also share 50% ownwership of the satin banner with the other people whose portraits I draw; I will retain the other 50%.

The banner and your joint ownership will be recorded in a digital crytogrpahic block, allowing me to share future sales with you. I can't guarantee you'll become a millionaire, but you will jointly own a large piece of art.

A previous portrait banner was exhibited at a 2022 solo show at Core Contemporary Gallery of Fine Art, Las Vegas.

Meet some of the other artists involved in the project on the 15th June 2023 - ASN Creativity Project Discovery Session on Zoom. You might want to take part yourself!

First satin banner portrait examples

Print AlexPrint ClarePrint Bette

 Contact Zoe Camper LLC +1 (702) 690 6872 for more information.


Press Release: Zoë Camper LLC

General Release

Art Wear ShowWhat a night! The Art Houz theather was full, Zoë, the models, staging crew, bloggers, and photographers were in full swing, and the audience laped up an hour of incredible entertainment.

It was an amazing celebration of Vegas Cool showcasing Zoe's beautiful artwear, stories, and videos. There were 40 different outfits being worn by eight models who together, told the story of modern-day (1900-2023) Las Vegas.

The influence of Las Vegas, and its eventful history, on Zoë was evident in the clothes on the runway. Some of those events influenced not just Zoë, but the world! The Nevada Test Site which is only 65 miles north of the City, produced some of the most iconic and sinister photographs and videos we have ever seen. Photographs taken during the atomic era were reshaped into beatiful shirts and pants in super-fine lawn cotton fabric and proved very popular with the audience.

Zoë paid homage to JC Penney, who provided clothes for Operation Doorstep in 1953 (Civil Defence public information excercise on how to survive an atomic blast), by including JC Penney tanktops to compliment some the outfits she was showcasing, she said, 'I wanted to create connections to the present day and I also needed some tops to complete some of the outfits, I just thought, what a great way to make history real'.

The finale saw 21 different outfits influenced by Las Vegas, or should we say Paradise, in the 1990's, 'this is my absolute favourite decade, it's the sim-city Vegas I fell in love with first, and of course all of it is still here! she said. 'Excalibur, Luxor, New York New York, Bellagio and Paris Las Vegas, they are a huge visual treat, so fantastic to draw, and they make incredible patterns when printed on to fabric' - she went on to say.

“I was so excited to work with Zoe Camper on Las Vegas’ Influence on Absolutely Everything for Nevada Preservation Foundation’s annual Home + History 2023 festival. The event she created and produced along with the beautiful scarves she hand-made for us to give to our guests were beyond my expectations. We also received numerous compliments from our guests stating the uniqueness of what she had created.  She is passionate about her work and it shows in everything she does.  I look forward to partnering with Ms. Camper again in the future.” --Suzey Van Ness Home + History Program Director. 

Thanks go to the models: Tiffany, Krystal, Hannah, Andie, Sophie, Justine, Trey, and Race. Staging crew: Wendy, Diana, Rose, Ian, and Peter. Music: Johnny. Art Houz theater staff: Brittany, Andrea, Josh, and others. All the NPF staff and volunteers.

Follow Zoë for updates and news.


  • Zoë Camper This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Facebook: zoe.camper.1 Insta: ZoeACamper Web:
  • Nevada Preservation Foundation - Suzey Van Ness Consultant, Program Director 702.328.38
  • Vivitiv - Jacqueline McCarthy 549 E St Louis Ave Las Vegas, NV 89104 206.619.8533

The evening is sponsored by:
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Press Release: Zoë Camper LLC

General Release

Nevada Preservation Foundation 'Home and History Las Vegas 2023' and Zoë Camper have joined forces to proudly present an evening of art-wear and history in celebration of Las Vegas. "This is going to be such a fun event, we are all very excited to be working with Zoë" - said Suzey Van Ness - Consultant, Program Director for the NPF. "This is an amazing opportunity to showcase my work and my love of the city. There will be around 40 outfits all created from fabric I have designed and that uses Las Vegas history and architecture as its main source of inspiration. Thank you Suzey and the NPF for giving me this great platform! - Zoë.

Please join us for a Sip + View fashion show while local models stroll through Las Vegas history from its founding as a railroad town to the Mega Entertainment Capital of the world. Journey through the cultural and architectural influences of the development of the Hoover Dam, the Atomic Age and everything in-between.

Relax with a cash bar and experience a visual feast of Art-Wear created by local artist Zoë Camper FRSA, while you learn about local history, architecture and the iconic personality of Las Vegas. Ticket price includes a beautiful handmade Home + History Las Vegas 2023 themed scarf retail value $45.

Tickets available now

Follow Zoë for updates and news.

The evening is sponsored by:
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  • Zoë Camper This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Facebook: zoe.camper.1 Insta: ZoeACamper Web:
  • Nevada Preservation Foundation - Suzey Van Ness Consultant, Program Director 702.328.38
  • Vivitiv - Jacqueline McCarthy 549 E St Louis Ave Las Vegas, NV 89104 206.619.8533


Press Release: Zoe Camper LLC

General Release

Recognized by the Las Vegas Review Journal as one of the artists’ most likely to 'break out' in 2022, Zoë did not disappoint. Her solo show at Core Contemporary Gallery of Fine Art was a massive success with great attendance, and many pieces sold to new and existing local collectors. On display were Zoë’s labor intensive highly-detailed drawings in which she explores storytelling, friendship, pattern-making, and cryptography.

‘About last night. Wow!! We extend a hearty congratulations, @zoeacamper , on such an important show!! We'll have to confirm the count against our records, but we estimate Zoë sold 26 works from the show and many small pieces in our retail space. At 5-figures worth of sales for just this show, we definitely count this as a highpoint on which to end our already very successful year. Thank you, ALL!’ - Nancy Good (Core Contemporary owner/curator).

Zoë is already working on her next show which will be in Las Vegas in May this year.  

Follow Zoë for updates and news.

Artist Bio:

Zoë was born in London, England. She gained an Hons Degree in 3D Design, at The Surrey Institute of Art & Design, and hold a Post Graduate Cert of Education in Design Technology, from Goldsmiths, University of London.

She has exhibited in the UK, and here in Las Vegas, where she currently lives.  She mainly uses pencil, and collage as her medium.  Her pieces are abstract and fantastical in nature but are always a comment on life and living, with many sources of inspiration.  She generally draws characters or feelings in landscapes, both real, and made up, from different elements like, sky, earth, water, metal structures, pipes, roads, tunnels, and other things. She combines labor intensive highly-detailed drawings with technology to explore storytelling, pattern-making and cryptography. Working on paper and fabric to create both art and artwear, she explores friendship and trust in all its forms.

'The places I draw I have called Urburain and the characters are named Callers. The Callers are speaking to us and reminding us that we are lucky, and that life, while fragile, is incredible. The series I am currently working on has the Callers from Urburain turning up in Las Vegas. The Callers emerge from underneath the resorts, bursting through the earth to tell us to enjoy things while we have time.'

Her drawings are available as limited edition professionally printed, signed, giclee prints on 200gms archive quality paper.  As a prolific art-wear designer and maker, you will also see a trademark red sewn lattice on each print.

14 portraits will be on display at my solo show at Core Contemporary Gallery. The first four people were very much a part of my life in 2021. Alex my nephew, Bette a wonderful neighbour, Clare a brilliant friend from the UK, and Diana a friend who I met during our radiation treatment.

Print Alex

Print Bette

Print Clare

Print Diana


Core Contemporary Gallery of Fine Art

900 E. Karen Avenue, Suite B111, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Gallery hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 12pm-4pm (Thursday and Friday to 8pm)

Closing Reception 6-8pm Friday 30th December

Your last chance to see and buy a piece of Zoë Camper's work. You will also be able to collect work you have purchased at the event after 7pm.


Artist and London transplant Zoë Camper’s solo show opens on Friday, Nov. 11th, 6-8pm. Camper combines labor intensive highly-detailed drawings with technology to explore storytelling, pattern-making and cryptography.

Working on paper and fabric to create both art and artwear, she explores friendship and trust in all its forms. See 14 portraits of close friends whose trust and love is without question contrasted by the accurate retelling of a story that has been encrypted to ensure it cannot be changed or manipulated, using the same encryption technique as NFTs.

Camper also presents the Las Vegas Strip in six large meticulously-drawn casino and ‘Caller’ characters, who are also protected by their own unique cryptographic signatures. This really is a must-see show, in terms of pure originality and dedication to a practice.

Original works and limited-edition prints available for purchase starting at $150.00

Contact Zoe Camper LLC +1 (702) 690 6872 for more information.